Following Christ, the Head of the Church

Church Staff

Kerra Becker English


The Reverend Kerra Becker English joined our church as pastor in June, 2012.
Pastor Kerra received her Master of Divinity degree from Union Presbyterian Seminary in 1996. She has also received her certification in Spiritual Guidance from the RUAH School of Spiritual Direction and currently offers spiritual guidance on an individual basis.
Before becoming Ashland Presbyterian Church’s pastor, she served as pastor of churches in Altoona, Pennsylvania and Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Karla Bloom

Music Director 

Karla has been with us for more than 20 years.  Karla has brought both artistry and imagination to our music program, as well as a remarkable ability to bring out the highest level of talent from each choir member. Her Bachelor of Science & Arts degree in musical education is from C.W. Post College. Karla serves, also, as conductor of the Hanover Concert Band.

Karen Collins


Karen is the most recent addition to our staff as the organist for Ashland Presbyterian church. Karen is an army veteran who recently retired from the military in 2019. While in the military, Karen was blessed to have played for Chapel Services in Korea, Belgium and Iraq. She is looking forward to sharing her musical gifts with the congregation and community.

Susan Vitale

Administrative Assistant

Susan is an indispensable whirlwind, handling people, phone calls and paperwork with warmth, efficiency and aplomb.  She’s been with us for over twenty years and we really couldn’t “get it all done” without her!

Patricia Higgins

Lay Pastor/Intern